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by Robert A. Tino
Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. Picasso When you are in love with a place, your devotion to it is tireless. You are drawn back to it time and time again. And if you are an artist, with a more observant eye, you find a way to journal it - to record how the place changes every time you re-approach it, and how it changes you. Just like a favorite book you pull off the shelf and revisit from time to time. Same groups of words in the same order, but the meaning and impact evolve because you have changed. While nothing in Nature on this spectacular spinning planet is immutable, what will not change is your appreciation for its gifts. The five thousand foot peak of Mt. Le Conte from the Western Carolina side of the Smokies will take your breath away - every time. You can count on it. But, what is a surprise is the shifting spill of colors, swept in by seasons, and the splatter of light blown across these million-year-old faces chiseled by wind and water. From this view, attempt to stand still and hold the moment in place; it's impossible. But here, as the artist chronicles the scope and scale of such constant glory, our gratitude for both the place - and the art - is certainly Timeless.

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