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Cold Conversations - Product Image
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Cold Conversations

by Robert A. Tino
Instinctively, we are drawn to odd couples. Oscar and Felix. Bert and Ernie. Mork and Mindy. Unlikely confidantes, just like this pair . One, a real chatter-box. The other, not so much. Brought together by an outstretched spiky perch in the first cold snap - perfect for waiting out swirling gusts in an ice-blue snow and wind tunnel. Turns out these two have a lot more in common than just an affinity for tartan splashes of scarlet and ebony, and sleek orange snouts. Maybe the big guy in the top hat with the goofy grin can't do much more than listen. But you know if he could, he'd reassure his chum, "I'm always here for you, buddy, I promise ... at least until the first thaw." Warm thoughts in Cold Conversations

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